Makeflac - A Lossless Music Archiving Utility

What is makeflac?

Makeflac is a simple frontend to cdparanoia and flac. It currently
utilizes both cdda2wav and cdparanoia to determine useful information
such as ISRCs, MCNs, CDDB IDs, and CD-Index IDs. After ripping a
CD using cdparanoia, makeflac will then encode and comment flacs using
this information. Makeflac is optimized for multiprocessor machines but
functions just fine on uniprocessor ones.

What does makeflac require?

Makeflac requires cdda2wav (cdrtools-2.x) and cdparanoia, as well as
flac-1.1.0 or higher. Makeflac is written in pure Bourne shell code for


Makeflac is pretty well-documented. Read and configure the top portion
before doing anything with makeflac.

Future Release Plans

- Fix --tracks option
- Abstract out the methods for naming files so the format can be
- Cuesheet creation support [2005-04-27: use cdrdao for this?]
- Implement better argument checking / error detection and handling
- Input: Shorten, and FLAC (for re-encoding) [2005-04-27: almost done]


Feel free to hack makeflac up, but give me credit where credit is due.


It is highly recommended that you download the latest version:

makeflac-0.6f - ChangeLog (2007-01-26)

Past Releases

These releases require cdrtools-2.x and DO NOT work with cdrtools-1.x

makeflac-0.6e - (2006-12-30)
makeflac-0.6d - (2006-12-12)
makeflac-0.6c - (2005-04-25)
makeflac-0.6b - (2004-06-15)
makeflac-0.6  - (2004-06-07)
makeflac-0.5  - (2003-10-06)
makeflac-0.4d - (2003-08-24)
makeflac-0.4c - (2003-08-21)
makeflac-0.4b - (2003-08-20)
makeflac-0.4  - (2003-08-18)
makeflac-0.3  - (2003-08-15)

These releases require cdrtools-1.x and DO NOT work with cdrtools-2.x

makeflac-0.2b - (2003-07-31)
makeflac-0.2  - (2003-03-29)
makeflac-0.1c - (2003-02-02)
makeflac-0.1b - (2003-01-12)


Using makeflac? Want more features? Hate makeflac? Let me know.

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