Bonfirix Links

*n?x Projects

Aglaophone - kind of like SoX, but includes a spectrograph
AGNULA - Debian and RH to make an audio-tools-based distro
APG - Automated Password Generator
bvi - Binary VIsual editor; vi for binary files
Cinelerra - a cool-looking video editing app for Linux
Cscope - a tool for browsing C code
Freevo - PVR project on Linux
g4u - a free alternative to Ghost
The Linux Documentation Project - read it, learn it, ask less questions
LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control
MythTV - a Linux PVR project
PonyProg - a PIC microcontroller programmer
PornView - a photo collection manager with options for integrating xine or mplayer
sbrun - a gtk2 run dialog with command history

Data Compression's Lossless Compression Page
First Principles in Lossless Compression
FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec
Ogg Theora - an open-source, patent-free alternative to MPEG-4 video
Ogg Vorbis - an open-source, patent-free alternative to MPEG-3 audio


DirecTV Serial Control Utility - winblows-only app (but source included)
LNB reference @ tivocommunity - all you need to know about LNBs
RCA Serial Control Hex Codes
Serial Control of a Sony DSS Receiver - Perl scripts for receiver control

EE Stuff

Audio Circuit Links - massive list of many different types of projects - loads of beginner electronics project kits
Pinouts FAQ - loads of pinouts for many connectors

MiniDisc - The resource for Minidisc news, reviews, and technology
MiniDisco - a great site to get MiniDisc gear from
Open/NMD - project that is getting NetMD functional on non-winblows OSes

Kenwood KMD-44

KMD-44 @ Crutchfield
KMD-44 @ Kenwood - official product specs pages

Sony MZ-R700

MZ-R700 @ eBay
MZ-R700 Review
MZ-R700 @ etronics - buy one here while they last!

Album and Track Titling

MD-Com - provides schematics and pictures of a parallel port titler
Mironics DIY Titler - schematics and commercial software (winblows-only)
YAMDAGER - Yet Another MiniDisc manAGER; *n?x software and schematics

HOWTO's and Tutorials

ALSA and SBLive
Assembly for PowerPC - a tutorial by IBM
ATI Radeon AiW Linux Installation - the ultimate tutorial
Assorted Unix Utils Tutorials
E17 CVS Build Instructions
E17 CVS Build Instructions (Alternative)
E17 CVS Build Instructions (from
Gimp Tutorial: How to Make Fire
GNOME Build Howto (1.4.x)
GNOME Build Howto (2.0.1)
Installing TrueType Fonts for XFree86
OpenAFS Setup - good complement to the INSTALL by Ethan Blanton

Sega Dreamcast

DCEmulation - comprehensive listing of console emulators for the Dreamcast
Dreamcast Programming
DreamSNES - a stand-alone SNES emulator for DC
Hardware References - links to processor manuals, etc.
Installing Linux on a DC
KallistOS - an embedded kernel for DC
KallistOS Docs
Linux Pics and Screenshots on a DC
NCS - vendors of the new DC BBA
SHlinux - SuperH port of Linux
VMU Development Tools - how to write/transport code to the VMU
VMU Development @ Booyaka - more VMU stuff

Video Capture

Hauppauge Video Capture Cards
LhD Database of Linux-compatible Video Capture Cards
Video Capture Tutorial @ yolinux


64-bit CPUs: What You Need to Know
Aerogel Photo Gallery
Athens, OH Weather
The Degree Confluence Project - fun activity for those with GPS receivers
Duplicate PGP KeyID's
Emmett Plant's Open Letter to Thomson Multimedia - a MUST read
EE Graduate Admissions Info @ OSU
Late Night with Conan O'Brien Videos - has a nice archive of video clips
NFL Blitz 2000 Cheats
NFL Schedule @ espn
PVP - Format C
PVP - Y2K Bug
Theme Songs from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
TV Guide Listings for DirecTV (Eastern Time Zone)
Vegas Odds @ usatoday
Wardoodles - a video codec needed to decode *.wmv files

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